Outsourcing Solution


Is your organization looking to tap into offshore service and resource capabilities? We can make that happen. Pointis has a development center in Ahmedabad, India where we combine bottom-line cost savings with technical expertise to deliver solutions. Our capabilities cover a broad range of services designed to deliver premium quality software development while giving unmatched value to clients worldwide.

Areas of Excellence:

We have capability to evaluate what functions can be outsourced by your organization.
And provide highly scalable, balanced, and cost-effective IT outsourcing solutions that
will meet your critical business objectives. Whether it is, project-based point solutions,
technology migration, or overall IT outsourcing managed services. Our transparent,
efficient, and flexible software development process delivers zero project downtime risk
and creates powerful software solutions to meet present and future demands. Our
offshore capability managed by our onshore project management teams provide you
with the capabilities to achieve your goal.